Did a man really die while watching a horror movie, then disappear from the hospital?

A man died while watching The Conjuring 2 in an Indian cinema. His body was taken to a nearby hospital, from where it allegedly disappeared. I tried to investigate the story based on Indian newspaper articles.

According to a Times of India article, a 65-year old man started complaining about chest pain, then fainted after watching the movie. He was swiftly taken to a hospital, but they were not able to save him. After the man’s death, his body was sent to another hospital for post-mortem examination, but the body disappeared along with the person who was supposed to take it there. This story quickly started circulating around the world, with all sorts of paranormal explanations of how the body disappeared.

Since most media outlets contain no additional details beyond the information provided by the Times of India article, I decided to look into other Indian sources. It seems no other newspaper has presented this story quite as mysteriously and dramatically as Times of India; but then again, their reports didn’t end up getting picked up by half the world, either. The additional reports don’t contain many additional facts, but at least provide an alternative version of the story compared to “Shocking!! Two People Disappear without a Clue after Watching a Horror Movie”.

The Indian Express and the Hindustan Times, for instance, don’t even mention disappearance. They reported that the family of the deceased “did not prefer to file a case and the body was taken to Andhra Pradesh for last rites”. The Hindu reported that the accompanying man “took the body with the help of an auto rickshaw to the place where he was staying.”NDTV suggests that this accompanying man was indeed asked to take the body to another hospital, but he decided to take it home instead.

The New Indian Express reports that the two men watched the movie drunk, and the man left with the body after he was asked to transport it over to the other hospital “so that the police may file a case and send the body for autopsy”. However, he did not do this, and disappeared with the body. According to this report, “since no complaint was lodged, police can’t inquire into the issue”.

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