Modernlegends.net (much like its Hungarian version, Urbanlegends.hu) is a site dedicated to fascinating stories, urban legends, as well as historical and medical myths.

The editors of this site have no intention to change the world or tell people what to think. In the spirit of this, they aim to present readers with a collection of facts and scientific viewpoints to go along with the stories, but ultimately trust readers to make their own judgements about what they read.

The site’s creator is Ivan Marinov, a journalist who occasionally receives help and inspiration from his friends. Should this not be enough, he is never hesitant to consult books, the internet, or people smarter than him. These people may be historians, doctors, psychologists or mythbusters; but always experts at the topics at hand.

The person responsible for the translation of the articles is Samu Zadori, a psychology student at the University of Glasgow and an avid fan of history and sociology.


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